Creating an expressive illustration for BAFTA Cymru Awards

by Gareth Strange on 17 September 2017

BAFTA Cymru Award

The British Academy Cymru Awards is arguably one of Wales’ most prestigious ceremonies. It celebrates the very best of Welsh television and film. In terms of brand identities and awards, they don't come much more iconic than BAFTA so it was a real privilege to take on this project.

BAFTA Cymru Illustration St David’s Hall Cardiff​


This project came about when we were approached to work with The Social Club Agency. We all saw this as a great opportunity, not only to work on a lovely project, but also to work with two designers I've known and admired for many years—Ross Hutchins and Alex Jenkins. Together, they've recently started a new agency that takes a collaborative approach to advertising and design. Needless to say, we were in.

BAFTA Cymru Illustration St David’s Hall Cardiff​

Experimenting with styles

Our task was to create an expressive illustration of the award itself to be used on the front cover of the event programme, as well as an illustrative style that could be carried through to the design of the inner pages.

To capture the expressive nature of the arts, we wanted to use flowing lines to create a sense of freedom. It had to feel busy, but at the same time elegant—which is a tricky combination. We played with several different styles, using various pens and inks.

BAFTA Cymru Illustration St David’s Hall Cardiff​

Attention to detail

After several attempts, it became clear that the illustration had to take on the angle of the iconic logo. We felt this was when it was at it's most striking and immediately recognisable. Thankfully everyone involved in the project agreed with this direction so after just a few rounds of minor amends, we had our final illustration.

BAFTA Cymru Illustration St David’s Hall Cardiff​

The final illustration

With our final illustration all ready for the front cover, we are currently working with the Social Club to create a style for the inner pages of the programme. We're all very much looking forward to seeing the finished article at the BAFTA Cymru Awards that will take place on Sunday 8 October 2017 at St David’s Hall, Cardiff.

BAFTA Cymru Illustration St David’s Hall Cardiff​

Applying the illustration

The illustration became very much the identity and the design style of the entire awards evening, as it was applied to everything from the event programme to the stage design.

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