Photography by a Graphic Designer

by Gareth Strange on 29 April 2017
Taking my passion for photography to the next level.

Ever since I was a child I've been surrounded by keen photographers. Both of my grandfathers would hang 35mm or polaroid cameras around my neck and encourage me to take photographs, they would casually teach me about composition and technique. It was something I always enjoyed and never really left alone—although I never really thought of it as a job. There was never any pressure on me as I was taking photography for myself. My only objective was that I found the photographs interesting.

My career has always been in Graphic Design, if we needed photography, we'd hire a photographer. As the years have passed, my confidence and experience in taking photographs has grown. Now setting up my own design studio, I want to push myself creatively more than I ever have before. With everything I've learned about photography, I've grown to trust my skills, practical knowledge and eye to take on certain commercial photography projects. Having already completed a handful of successful photoshoots, I'm eager to do more.

So I've put together this journal post to showcase a small selection of photographs I've taken recently, broken down into four sections; People, Architecture, Stuff and Nature. Hope you like them.

You can see more of my photography work here.


Chef Baker Brod Bakery
Phil Jayne Portrait Photography Tenby Beach Nature
Nick Hand Letterpress Collective Portrait Photography
Callum Richards Portrait Photography
Sarah Morris Portrait Photography
Hollie Edwards Portrait Photography
Betina Brod Portrait Photography


Tintern Abbey Photography
Penarth Pier Photography
Typography Pontypool Photography
Tenby Door Photography
Cardiff Bay Senedd Photography
Tenby Window Flowers Photography
Cardiff Bay Pierhead Building Photography


Danish Bakery Cardiff Photography
Letterpress Collective Bristol Photography
Pots Interior Photography
Book Red Photography
Camera Photography
CreativeMornings Creative
Brown Bag Photography
Letterpress Wood Typography Photography


West Wales Beach Photography
Hive Kew Gardens Photography
Cardiff Bay Photography
Jackson Bay Barry Photography
Dylan Thomas Boat House
West Wales Pembrokeshire Photography

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